830 Stainton Drive  

October 2015

Dear owners.   We had the greatest turnout at our AGM this month.  It was standing room only.  As you are aware we decided to change the property management company.   We listened to the owners and we agree that it was time for a postive change in how our property is being managed.   By vote at the AGM we also changed our accountant.   We are doing our back deck replacement and it's going well.   I will provide more updates in the coming days.

Note:  I have been having a number of unit owners emailing me, coming directly to my home or calling me.  I want to remind you that the propoper process is to contact the property manager first.  The reason for this is to ensure that your issue is logged and addressed properly.  I sometimes go away for a week at a time and your issue might not be addressed in a timely manner.  If, you have issues with the services you are getting then by all means contact me or other members of the board and we will address it immediatley.

July 2015

Dear owners.   We are going to start doing our Deck replacement project.   This will ensure the safety and beauty of our neighborhood.   Our contractor is currently in the process of obtaining permits.   You will be notified when this will take place and what actions you are required to do in order to complete the project.

We are also going to commence with our basement water main valve replacement to those who let us know that they wanted to be included.   As we mentioned by letter to each home that if  you contacted Orion Mgt. your replacement will be free.  If you decide to do this later on you will be charged by the plumber.

March 2015
The winter of 2014 - 2015 is finally over.   Our financials are in great shape and after our last board meeting due to the great work from the people on your board and Orion Mgt. we have determined that this year we can reduce our maintenance fee again.  You will be sent information on our financials and how we came to the decision.   

November 2014

AGM today Nov 3rd at Loblaws.  See you all there. 

October 2013

Well Happy Fall everyone.   The date has been set for our yearly AGM.  Tuesday November 26th between 6:30 and 9:30 at our regular meeting room at Loblaws (Dundas and Mavis).   Also a candidates notice has been sent to everyone so their names can be added to the package  you will receive for voting at our AGM to fill our 2 vacant seats.   We look foward to having a full team roster again.

Gate Keys - Please follow our process in regards to Gate Keys.  If you require or want to return a gate key please contact Orion who will then contact a member of the board and your transaction will be handled effectively.   The cost of a gate key is $25 and will be returned to you once the key has been returned to us.

August - September 2013

Wow, what a summer.   The crazy weather was the topic of the day and as far as summers go, it was not the greatest.  Some of us even got flooded (me included), but in the end we all survived.   Just a note to everyone on our street.   Please adhere to the garbage regulations and don't put anything in front of your house prior to Wednesday evenings.  We have been getting a number of complaints about some units leaving garbage out days in advance.  This time of year the racoons, skunks and other animals are out in force getting ready for the winter so please be considerate and follow the rules in regards to Garbage handling.  

July 2013

Hello fellow residents.   There have been a number of updates in this website including information on our 1st Community BBQ, when we are also going to present the results of our Garden Contest and other information related to you.   Please read the updates in the Community Activites, Community Updates and Blogs for more information.

May 2013

Hello fellow residents of 830 Stainton Drive.  On behalf of your Board of  Directors I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to your Website.   Your Board wanted a way to be able to better communicate what goes on in your community and provide more information on what is important to you.    This Website will do all that and more.  

Please take your time and browse through the tabs and the information contained within and let us know if there is anything else you want to see.  We will do what we can to make what ever changes are possible within this Website.

Best regards
Steve Bajada





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